My Current Vision Board

Back in September 2016, I discovered vision boards, thanks to a post by a coworker on the intranet at the company where I work.  The idea intrigued me, and I began creating drafts of my vision board.  As I worked on my vision board, I realized that (at least for me) a vision board is more engaging and powerful than a list of resolutions.

Although I could spend hours tweaking the visuals to make them perfect, or at least more aligned (because I like visual symmetry), I need to focus on the actions in my vision board, instead of worrying about its visual perfection.  In other words, I’m not creating a masterpiece graphic; I need to finish an acceptable version, and focus on my vision itself. Maybe at some point in the next few months I’ll be able to take time to make it more visually appealing, while not forgetting to focus on the content and not just the format.

So, I share now my latest version (of probably over a dozen so far) of my vision board:


As you can see, my vision board is a mix of inspirational quotes, calls to action, and a list of what is important to me.  Of course some of these will be more important than others at various points in the year.  For example, with three weeks left before my due date, I will soon be focusing more on family than on community, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll ignore community totally.  I just won’t be able to give as much time and energy to it while recovering from childbirth and (God-willing) caring for a newborn.

In the meantime, I’ll focus on health as I go now to get some sleep!