Time to Relax

As I begin typing this, it’s 08h00, the time that I would usually be starting work.  I’ve been up since 06h30; I was tired of sleeping on my left side, and couldn’t get comfortable, so I figured that I might as well get up and enjoy some quiet time to myself before the rest of the family is awake and making noise.

Noticing that it was 08h00 made me remember that the midwife asked me yesterday if I felt that I had more or less energy than a week ago or further back.  I don’t feel that I have any MORE energy than before, but I haven’t felt the incredible need to take a nap each day; if I don’t get one, as I did not get one yesterday, I’m not totally “dragging” until I can get to bed that night, and I attribute most of that to not needing to go work each weekday.  Usually I don’t notice that burst of energy that some women get just before they go into labor, but I must say that I’ve been more motivated to work on projects–sewing, writing, etc.–than I have in the past few weeks and months, even if circumstances prevent me from actually getting to or completing them.

My midwife told me that I need to relax and do something enjoyable, something selfish, while I’m waiting for baby to come, so that’s what I plan to do today.  I won’t worry about chores, and I’ll work on one of my personal projects.  I still haven’t decided yet if I’ll make the “labor tea” or not, but I will do my best to keep from thinking about going into labor.  Maybe that’s what my body needs – for me to put the thought out of my mind for it to happen.  Maybe if I don’t think about it, it will happen? 🙂


Skipped a Day on the Blog

Tuesday, I was really hoping that true labor would commence, and I spent most of the day focused on activities that would help that–walking, certain exercises, etc.–but alas, it was not meant to be.  The kindergartner has been most challenging lately, and I realized that I needed some time to myself to de-stress, so instead of writing a blog post after the kids went to bed, I listened to some relaxing music for a while, and then watched an episode of a TV mystery series that I like.  Tonight I wanted to watch something I prefer (instead of whatever my husband was watching in our bedroom) , but the kids misplaced the family TV remote , which is the only method that we can use to change channels on that TV, since they broke the channel-changing buttons on the front of the TV itself, and I didn’t find it after a few minutes of searching, so I didn’t bother after that.

Today I had another prenatal appointment. So far so good. The baby’s heart rate is fine, and baby still has a decent amount of amniotic fluid in which to move–so much that she (or he?) flipped from ideal labor position (LOA) to ROT. Ug! The midwife told me not to stress about the baby’s position, that if baby can still do that at 43 weeks (3 weeks after my original EDD), then baby still has room to move and should move back to LOA before or during labor. I’m really thankful that she didn’t push for induction just because the baby is now “postterm;” she said that she had 2 other patients recently who each had their babies at 44 weeks, and the babies are fine. The results of my checkup are consistent with the results of those women at the same point in their pregnancies.  Of course nothing is guaranteed just because the results are good–she can’t promise that everything is or will be 100% perfect–but after our conversation I felt more at ease with waiting some more for labor to start naturally.  Even so, I may try some “labor tea” in the morning.  I’ve never had the ingredients (blue and black cohosh, among other herbs) and I’ve read that in some cases they have had negative side effects, so I’m a bit wary about it, but I’ve also heard about many women who have taken it and successfully induced labor without having any ill side effects (for themselves or baby).  I’ll decide in the morning.  Now I need sleep.

Nature’s Secret

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What a neat quote from an author I really like and should read more.

Apparently God knows that I need to learn this lesson some more, that it is not yet one of my virtues, or most certainly not a strong one.

I’ve prayed that God will let me know what day the baby will be born, but so far I haven’t realized a clear answer, other than I know now that the baby’s birthday will not be on the 15th, and it’s getting late for a birthday on the 16th also.  Perhaps God wants the baby to share his or her daddy’s birthday.  We’ll find out in the next day or so.

Since baby didn’t come today, I did 3 loads of laundry  and cleaned up one section of the family room so that the kids could start using it again after the youngest 2 made such a mess there that the bigger kids didn’t want to go into the room.  The kindergartner did help me for a bit, and so did my daughter.  If baby hasn’t come by breakfast tomorrow, I’ll start working on another section of the room after breakfast.

This afternoon I tried to take a nap (as I have the other days this week), but today the kids were just too loud for me to get to sleep–one kept bugging for a snack–so after an hour I gave up and started some other chores.

I did take a few minutes to indulge in some “me” time by rereading a few scenes of one of my stories that I still need to transcribe from my hand-written version in one of my notebooks.  I really want to get my stories together in one place, instead of having them scattered throughout multiple notebooks. It’s rather frustrating not to have my own computer at the moment at which to sit comfortably and type more than about 10 minutes at a time. (I’m typing this on the kitchen computer, which is set up so there’s no place to put my feet comfortably if I want to sit to type; the monitor is too low if I try to stand.)

Since I didn’t get to anything else creative–such as one of my pending sewing projects–I did the next best thing:  bake.  I made a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread with half of the bananas that no one wanted to eat whole because their skins were starting to become brown and everyone thought that they were mushy inside. They were actually just perfectly ripe, not overripe.  Of course I really want to eat some of the bread now, especially since I’m craving chocolate, but it’s still too warm yet, so I’ll need to wait for breakfast to have it.

One last thought for today:  I’m getting tired of people asking me if I’ve had the baby yet, as if they think that I’ve forgotten to share the news with them. I know that they mean well, but their repeated queries only make me more anxious and feel more impatient.  I’ve assured them that when there’s news, they’ll know. Trust me, no one is more eager for the baby to come than I am.

With that, I’m going to bed with the reminder that patience is a virtue!

The Question of the Day…

Although I could write about many different topics, the only one on my mind now is:  when will the baby be born?

By now I know that the baby won’t share a birthday with the twin daughters of my college big sister, nor is it a Valentine’s Day baby.  Will it be a second-half-of-the-week baby?  Only God knows.

“…A long-awaited event will arrive soon”

“Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon.”

This saying is from one of the fortune cookies that we got with dinner tonight.  My husband was hungry for Chinese, and the kids always like what we get for them–usually sweet and sour chicken and wonton soup–so I agreed.  (We usually get a few meals and share among everyone.)

I usually read the ‘fortunes’ with a laugh, and don’t put any faith in them, but I think that statement is a bit ironic considering that I’m now going on 12 days past my estimated due date (EDD).  Is the statement prophetic?  Only time will tell.  I have prayed that God will give me a sign of when baby will come.  Not knowing the day/date is challenging!

Since the longest I’ve gone after my EDD before giving birth is a week, I’m beginning to think that my EDD has been, all along, a week earlier than it should be, especially since the only date in the beginning of the pregnancy of which I’m sure is the one when I started to notice morning sickness.  So, now I think that I conceived at least a week later than originally thought, which, according to various sources that I read, would push back the EDD by a week.  That would mean that my EDD should have been 8 Feb., which would mean then that I’m only 4 going on 5 days past the EDD.

Either way, I know now that the baby will have a ‘double-digit’ birthday, meaning that the baby’s birthday will have 2 digits instead of one.  I hope that baby comes this week!

A Typical Saturday

Saturday is my “work-around-the-house day” and today was no different. I did loads of laundry, put clothes away, and spent time with the kids, but I also did a few things for myself. I watched the rest of the Pink Panther movie that I started to watch yesterday, made a coral-colored  pillow case for a 24″ square pillow whose case seems to have disappeared, updated my LinkedIn profile, started watching It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,  and took a 10-15 minute walk (even though I didn’t enjoy being out in the cold).  After the walk, with the help of one of my sons, I put away some toys that the kids had left outside, so that the toys won’t get buried when we eventually get snow. Usually we get a snow storm during the weekend before Presidents’ Day; only God knows if it will be different this year, just as only God knows the birthday of my still-to-be-born precious baby.

Before I wrote this post, I was reading a few blog posts and comments from other women who have been pregnant past their due dates. The one post actually had me laughing harder than any of the comedies that I’ve watched lately.  I’m doing my best to be patient and to remember that natural labor will happen when God decides, not when I want it to happen.

Last Day of Work Before Leave

Today was my last day of work before maternity leave.  I finished a few more deliverables, and had an hour-long talk with my manager (and a shorter talk with a few others) about the status of my part of several projects.  I changed my profile on the company’s intranet site to advise that I’m on leave, and sent an email to my coworkers whose work my tasks impact the most, that I’m now officially on leave.

Now I’m going to get some sleep!