Pondering Poetry

Instead of writing much here tonight, I spent my free time catching up with several connections on LinkedIn and then writing the first draft of a poem for a contest that I want to enter.  The poem can be a maximum of eight lines, so this will be a challenge for me, since when I do write poetry (which is only occasionally, and certainly not as much as I write my other creative work (fiction)),  I prefer to write longer free verse. (Sometimes I do write rhyming poems, but they are definitely another challenge.)

Since the deadline for entries is Feb. 15, I’d better finish my poem before the baby comes, because I doubt that I’ll have time after the baby’s birth but before the deadline, or rather I doubt I’ll have much interest in writing poems then.

Even though I haven’t attempted to create many different forms of poetry, I do like most kinds, from Shakespearean sonnets to limericks.  Some of my favorite poets are Robert Frost, William Butler Yeats, and pretty much every Romantic poet.  Of course, now that I’m thinking of poetry, I want to dig out my poetry books, but I will need to wait to do that because it’s getting late and tomorrow is a work day, so I need to get some sleep.