A Blur of a Day

Most of today is sort of a blur for me.  Here’s what I remember:

I got up early for me when I’m not at work, had breakfast, got the older kids ready for school, did some research that I’d wanted to do, and before I knew, it was lunch time.

After something to eat, I lay down for a nap after 1:30 or so, and my kindergartner took a nap, too. I got up around 4, helped kids with school work, then we had dinner, and afterward, I put in a load of laundry–but stopped it during the rinse cycle so that the preschooler could have a bath– and then spent time reading birth stories that other women had posted on various websites, until it was time for the kids to go to bed.

I did a bit more reading online before I remembered that I didn’t restart the rinse of the laundry.  After I restarted the washer, I started to write this post. Now I’m waiting for the washer to finish so I can put the load in the dryer and go to bed (still pregnant).


Another Saturday Is Done

Well, today was the last day of the 2017 PA Farm Show, and although in my area we didn’t get any measurable snow, we DID see snow flurries today, and it snowed earlier in the week in Harrisburg, so the idea of “farm show weather” held true this year.

As typical of most Saturdays, I spent the day working around the house, mostly doing laundry.  (There’s one last load waiting for me to put into the dryer tonight after I publish this post.)  I did also manage to reinforce the number and council badges on my daughter’s Brownie vest; the glue was no longer working, so I sewed all of the way around the badges to keep them on the vest.  I must still sew on at least a dozen patches that she received last year that I put aside.  I’ve been too fatigued to take time to put them on her vest.  Today I wanted to add them, but housework comes first, so I focused on that.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time and energy and motivation–I need all 3 at the same time!–to complete that task, or at least to complete some of it.

I also spent time to organize more baby clothes that I had saved, pulling out onesies and socks and cute little hats and putting them all together in a vacuum seal bag under the cradle so that they’re ready for the baby.  (I already have outfits in another bag, and blankets in a storage bin.)

Part of me is really eager for the baby to be born, but part of me is anxious–typical mixed emotions. Right now, I’m uncomfortable most of the time, and always tired, but I don’t yet need to worry about feeding, burping, changing, or trying to soothe to sleep a newborn. All of those activities are definitely work, and can be just as exhausting as being pregnant.

Speaking of baby, my older kids want to name the new baby.  My daughter has even gone so far as to poll her classmates and fellow Brownies to get their vote on a short list of names.  Even one of my sisters gave me a name suggestion.  While I appreciate the input, and I think it’s great that my daughter had the initiative to ask others for their input, I keep trying to tell the kids, nicely, that my husband/their daddy and I will choose the baby’s name after the baby is born.  I believe that, while parents can take input from others, that it’s really the parents’ decision to name a baby, because there are so many factors to choosing a name.  As someone with a gender-neutral name, I prefer to give to my children gender-specific names–definite “boy” or “girl” names–so that there’s no confusion about whether the person with that name is male or female.  (I’ve lost count of the number of times that people, especially those for whom English is a second language, have addressed me as “Mister” because they have encountered more males with my name than females, and have assumed that I am also male.  Nope!)

Desire to WRITE

Some people may say that ‘you must make time’, that anything other than actually making time is an excuse, but some times there is just NOT time to do the things that you want to do!  Something has to give, and maybe the people who MAKE time for their hobbies *no matter what* sacrifice something else, like family time, or even their health.  That’s something that I’m NOT willing to do.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to write–more for myself than for anyone else–but several family emergencies and other responsibilities have made my free time even more precious, and I barely have time to read messages sent to me.  In fact, I wrote the first paragraph of this post on Feb. 16, and it’s now Feb. 23 as I continue!  Being a FT SAHM, and attempting to be a WAHM, too, is a lot harder, more tiring, and more time-consuming than I imagined.  If I didn’t NEED to be making an income in order to pay our bills and upcoming, necessary, home repairs, I wouldn’t be so focused on it, and I could enjoy the time with the kids WAY more than I do.  Others keep saying, and I keep trying to remember, to enjoy the time with them NOW, but it’s been so hard to do that when I feel the weight of trying to get a job or at least find a way to make some income, and still be home with the kids.  Add in the need to do other things like housework, not to mention maintaining personal hygiene, and sleeping, and I feel as if I’m a hamster in a wheel, running, running, but getting nowhere.

I’d write more, but now I need to do some laundry, feed the baby, and make some phone calls.

Spring’s here, but it’s small consolation…

I’m very glad that Spring is finally here; too bad I can’t enjoy it, & too bad it still feels like Winter! We had more Spring-like weather at Christmas time, & Easter felt like Christmas. Either I’m looking at the calendar incorrectly, or the weather’s really messed up!
Weather aside, I finally got the virus/flu-like bug that made both of my toddlers ill (at both ends, sometimes at the same time; YUK!) for a week. They only started to get better on Monday, which is when my FIL started with the unnamed illness. Yesterday, I got it, & today my MIL has it. So do my sisters, & I’ve not been around them for a while. Even relatives in other states have the same symptoms. I joked with my mom that the bug is transmitting over the phone lines. I’m starting to think that this is some kind of germ warfare, that “bad people” (as my older son says) have found a way to contaminate something in our food supply, or the water. Scary thought.
Anyway, I’m waiting to go pick up anti-nausea med. at the pharmacy. Hopefully that will help me to keep something IN my system, instead of everything coming right back up within 1/2hr of ingestion. I need to get better soon, because I’m sick of being sick, and not being able to enjoy the season–I’ve no idea what’s going on in baseball, for example, & part of me LIVES for baseball!–or even play with my boys. I don’t even feel like scanning my email, let alone read it. Right now, I think I’ll go lie down again.