In Search of…

Whenever I can, I hang wet laundry on the outside lines to dry. Doing this provides several benefits: I get some sun, some fresh air, some exercise, and I use less electricity (energy), which saves a bit of money. Plus, the clothes smell nice and fresh after a few hours (or a work day) hanging on the line.

My biggest problem with hanging wash is finding clothespins! I used to have dozens and dozens (many of them passed down to me from family members), but now, because of clothespins lost, broken, or warped from the rain (when children left them out instead of putting them away), I now have less than 50, which is certainly not enough to hang 4 loads of clothes on the line in one day as I do sometimes.

Although I haven’t checked out all of my local stores–I work full-time during the week, and my husband does most of the shopping–I haven’t had any luck, in the places that I have looked, finding clothespins that aren’t flimsy-looking pieces of plastic or wood with cheap-looking springs. I want, and need, heavy-duty ones, preferably of non-rusting metal or of decent wood, and even more preferably, American made.  My best-performing clothespins don’t even have springs; they are simply wood.

What does a modern mother do to find information about an item that she wants to purchase? Go searching on the Internet, of course! In the first page of search results, I found several promising options; yay! I will investigate further before I order, but I may just try a few different kinds to find out which kind I like best, and then order a few dozen more of that kind.

Off to the laundry again!


A Typical Saturday

Saturday is my “work-around-the-house day” and today was no different. I did loads of laundry, put clothes away, and spent time with the kids, but I also did a few things for myself. I watched the rest of the Pink Panther movie that I started to watch yesterday, made a coral-colored  pillow case for a 24″ square pillow whose case seems to have disappeared, updated my LinkedIn profile, started watching It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,  and took a 10-15 minute walk (even though I didn’t enjoy being out in the cold).  After the walk, with the help of one of my sons, I put away some toys that the kids had left outside, so that the toys won’t get buried when we eventually get snow. Usually we get a snow storm during the weekend before Presidents’ Day; only God knows if it will be different this year, just as only God knows the birthday of my still-to-be-born precious baby.

Before I wrote this post, I was reading a few blog posts and comments from other women who have been pregnant past their due dates. The one post actually had me laughing harder than any of the comedies that I’ve watched lately.  I’m doing my best to be patient and to remember that natural labor will happen when God decides, not when I want it to happen.

Past My Due Date, But That’s OK

The creative part of me wants to work on a sewing or crochet project, but after another day of household chores (mostly laundry and some cleaning), I don’t really have the energy to stand or sit at my sewing table, or even to sit up in bed and start a crochet pattern that I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of months now, but never started for various reasons.  Instead, I really want to lie down.  I’ll need to wait, though, because right now, I have a boiling pan on the stove sterilizing 4-oz bottles and other parts that I’ll need for my breast pump, which I really don’t want to need to use again.  I’m already dreading returning to work after baby comes.

Until a few days ago, I was still wondering if baby would be early, on time, or late.  Now I know the answer:  late, which is fine.  For a while I thought it would be neat if baby shared his/her aunt’s birthday; when baby didn’t come then, I thought that it would be nice for baby to share a birthday with the younger son of my closest friend. (There’s still about 5 hours, as I type this, for that to happen.  If it doesn’t, then OK.  The baby will be born when God wants him/her to be born.)

Besides chores, I spent some time today playing with the youngest 2, and trying to watch a funny movie in the hopes of inducing labor.  Unfortunately, the 2 little boys kept interrupting “Operation Petticoat,” so I missed most of the jokes and really didn’t find the movie very funny at all.  Before dinner I was going to start watching either one of the Herbie movies or one of the Pink Panther ones, but again I got interrupted, and didn’t get to start the movie before the meal.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to watch one of those movies.

Another Household Organization Project

I got the kids to bed later than usual because we were digging out clean sheets & blankets to make the beds after I’d stripped them this morning but didn’t get to washing all of the bedding and I’m ready to sleep, too, but I couldn’t go to bed without a quick entry.

Today along with wash and spending hours helping my second son with an essay, I started to clean out boxes from our upstairs hall closet so that my husband can start again on the hallway remodel.

Over a year ago he gutted the closet and pulled down old drywall, put up new drywall and did most of the mudding, but then ran into a problem, so he stopped working on the project. In the meantime, I filled the vacant closet with boxes of *stuff* that I’d moved from the living room (which had become the catch-all room) so that we could put up the Christmas tree (2015). The boxes have been there every since.

This morning I had the idea to add to the wall just outside our bedroom a wire shelving rack (called an adjustable 8-tier wall and door rack by one storage solutions manufacturer) to hold extra hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) that are currently in the closet in our first floor bathroom, so that I could use the shelves in that bathroom closet for our extra sheets, towels, etc. that are currently in a closet in the boys’ room (because we lack a true linen closet on the second floor).  Wash baskets and storage bins of the boys’ clothes have taken over half of their room–their bureau drawers are stuffed full, and I don’t have more shelf space in their main closet for pants, which we prefer to put in drawers or on shelves instead of hanging in the closet–and I’m tired of the piles.  I want to put their pants and heavy sweatshirts in that closet that currently has the towels, wash clothes, sheets, pillow cases, and blankets.

When I shared my idea with my husband, he said that he will not put up the rack–and will be upset if I do it myself–until he’s painted the wall, and he won’t paint until he finishes the other preparation work in the hall, and he won’t resume the project until the boxes are gone from the space where he wants to put floor-to-ceiling shelves. So, I knew that I needed to empty the space.

Late in the afternoon, I recruited my 2 oldest to move boxes. Down the dozen or so boxes went to the spot that the Christmas tree had occupied until a week ago.  Thankfully, some of the boxes contain items that I know that I want to donate, so I’m hoping to clear those out soon, so I won’t need to review the contents of every single box.  The boys managed to move all but the 2 heaviest boxes, which my husband will need to move.  (As I was telling the boys where to move each box, I was impressed to see that my oldest can lift quite a bit.  He is already taller than I am and has a longer reach than I do, and he won’t be a teen for a few more months.)

I’m glad we progressed on another project, but I feel that my husband will want to focus on the hall remodel (or another) project more than he will on the baby, once the baby’s born.  He did the same thing when we had our (current) youngest 2. The day after the older one was born, my husband spent the day working on remodeling the upstairs bathroom, and worked on it every day for two weeks until he completed the project.  When our current youngest was born, mu husband started a different project–I can’t remember which, though–leaving me to deal with a newborn and the older kids while recovering from childbirth.  I think I need to talk to him now about that, so he doesn’t repeat that behavior.