Back Pain

When I was growing up, I witnessed several relatives deal with back pain that was so strong that they were barely able to move.  As a child, and as a young adult without that pain, I could not understand what they were experiencing.  When I was pregnant with my fifth child, I finally started to understand because I began to have pain in my lower back.  At first I thought it was strictly related to being pregnant, but when I experienced the same pain months and years after that pregnancy, I began to think that the pain was from an old injury, but I couldn’t really determine what caused the pain to come and go.

Finally, though, I realized that I usually experienced the pain after I’d not had enough water the day or so before, that the pain was, most likely, from dehydration.  This usually occurs when I’ve been very busy, especially at home on the weekends, and I haven’t taken the time to drink as much water as I usually drink each day while working in the office, where I typically drink at least 3 liters during the daytime hours.

I can go months without experiencing the pain, so when it returns, I often don’t remember right away why I have the pain, and often think it’s from moving too much or lifting too much weight or something.

This afternoon the pain came again as I was helping to prepare for an academic year-end awards ceremony, but I didn’t attribute the pain to less than my usual amount of water until hours later, when I was driving home, and I realized that in the 4 hours before, during, and after the ceremony, I’d only had about 20 oz of water, when I usually have at least 3-4 times that much during that time period during the day.  Also, thinking back to yesterday, I spent hours doing housework, and I neglected to drink my usual amount of water.  Another factor is that the baby is having her three-month growth spurt, so wants / needs more milk than usual, which means that I need to intake even more water.

If I have the pain again, I hope to remember that it might be from having had less water than usual, so that I can remedy the problem sooner.


Spent Most of Today Resting

I spent most the day in bed, getting up only to eat and use the bathroom.  I just felt that I needed to rest.  So far this pregnancy I haven’t even had so much as a cold, thankfully, and I’d like to keep it that way.  I do NOT need to get ill now when baby’s birth is so close (hopefully!).  Even though my husband is convinced that his sinus congestion and sneezing are from irritation from either paint or chemicals with which he was working in the garage, I’m not so sure that he doesn’t have a cold, even if it doesn’t follow the typical pattern for him, which means that he would have had a sore throat first (and he hasn’t had one).

Around 1:30 PM I got up and got a late lunch, then turned on the TV and watched Star Trek: Voyager reruns for a while before going back to sleep until nearly 5 PM, when I got up and started helping kids with schoolwork.  Then it was time to prepare dinner (Swedish meatballs and delicious sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans). After my first helping, I still wanted more of the sauce, but on something other than potatoes, so I poured some sauce over a bowl of the leftover rice from last night’s Chinese dinner. Yum!

When my daughter and I were discussing one of her schoolwork assignments–to write a descriptive essay about a place–she lamented that she hasn’t been to Florida, and asked when we could go.  I don’t know the answer to that, but I know it won’t be soon.  Since baby is taking his or her time in coming, I won’t have much vacation left for trips after this maternity leave ends.

Since she wanted to see photos of Florida, I dug out my photo album of my last trip over 15 years ago, and she enjoyed looking through the photos, especially the ones of the natural beauty of Blue Spring State Park west of Orange City, Florida.

Well, it’s time for the kids to get to bed, and I’m again ready for sleep, so I’ll post this now.

Health Check-Ups and Food Cravings

This morning at a health check-up I was talking for a few minutes with a nutritionist, telling her about how during Autumn last year I had been dealing with high blood pressure, which is much better now, thankfully.

Although I don’t add salt to my food at the table, or before, I do like salty snacks–potato chips, pretzels, pre-popped popcorn, and the like–and I *could* eat a whole family-sized bag of any of them at one sitting (!).  Even though I was only having a serving a day of one of those snacks, my blood pressure was still higher than it should be, especially during pregnancy.  When I truly began abstaining from the salty snacks, not only did my blood pressure lower, but so did my craving for sweets.  I don’t usually have lots of sweets around the house or at my desk at work, but I’ll occasionally crave something chocolatey, so I usually satisfy my craving with a few dark chocolate Wilbur buds. Yum!

Anyway, the nutritionist suggested making fresh popcorn and put a different topping on it (besides the typical butter and salt).  I searched for recipes and found a few that appealed to me, but I’m being too lazy tonight to make any of them.  Maybe I’ll try one another night this week.  In the meantime, I’m actually wanting some ice cream, even though I rarely eat it.  Maybe I need some additional calcium.  I don’t think it’s any worse of a craving than the one that I had on Friday for fried chicken and macaroni & cheese.  On Saturday I had the chicken, but I’m still waiting for the mac&cheese.  Strange how cravings come & go!