Memories of Maui

Seven years ago today, Sept. 13, my husband and I spent a long day on Maui as part of our Hawaiian honeymoon. Had we known how much we would love it, we would definitely have booked a couple of days there, too, instead of 7-8 days on O’ahu, where we had a couple of days when we really didn’t do much… Since I wanted to spend time today creating a scrapbook page with photos from our wonderful day on Maui, as I have not yet scrapped any of the wedding or honeymoon, because I wanted to get some more practice before I worked on pages that are very important to our whole family, instead of messing up my first scrapbook projects, I started searching for the photos, but I couldn’t find the ones that I wanted of the winding road up to Haleakala, especially the ones where we’re above the clouds (neat but disconcerting). They’re not on my current laptop, which is from 2007; they’re not on our website; they’re not on the CDs that I could find; and they’re not on my ten-year-old Compaq laptop, which I booted up today for the first time in about 4 years. They’re probably on Brian’s machine in the basement, but he didn’t feel like going down to check it out, so I’m still waiting. Bummer; I really wanted to see those shots!

The good news is that I found on the Compaq a Word document with part of a story that I distinctly remember writing, but couldn’t find in my notebook with the rest of the pages of the story, which is now 15 years in the making. As it turns out, I just never printed out that section of the story. I have impetus to work on the story, so I want to print that part, too, which leads to another set of issues: 1) I can’t hook up a printer to that laptop. 2) I don’t have internet access on that laptop currently, until/unless I find the NIC, which could be in the basement, in the workshop, or maybe in the basket above the entertainment center, so I can’t email the Word doc to myself. 3) That laptop doesn’t have the software to burn a CD, so I can’t do that, either and 4) there’s no USB port, either. When I told Brian about it, he said that tomorrow he’ll bring home from work the cable to connect hard drives, so that I can get my files from the Compaq’s hard drive to my current one, or to the SLUG. On verra. I can’t wait to tweak that part of the story, add to it, and insert it where it fits in the story!

I did find some free graphics for digital background papers for my Maui layouts, so I’m going to unzip them & view the files before I get some sleep. Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep!