Pre-holiday weekend busyness

This weekend I really wanted to finish a skirt using a pretty, summery fabric, but alas, it didn’t happen, for a variety of reasons.  On Saturday, when I was able to focus on that project when the children were occupied with other activities, I started working with one pattern, then realized that I didn’t have the back piece, so I started working on another pattern, and realized that I didn’t have interfacing for the waistband.  By then it was too late to get it, so I thought that maybe I can work with the first pattern if I can either find the missing pattern piece, or find a visual of it online.

After some searching, I had not found the piece, but I did find a series of very helpful videos from Mimi G showing making a skirt with that pattern from start to finish.  Awesome!  I spent the rest of my free time on Saturday watching those videos.

Today after church, the kids and I spent some time cleaning up the family room, and my oldest spent time to organize and clean up the boys’ room.  Then I took 3 of the kids to the pool, where my sister was waiting for them, and the Kindergartner and the baby and I went shopping for the interfacing and a few other things, including lining material, because I decided after watching Mimi’s videos that I should add some to my skirt.

The baby started to fuss as we were checking out, but she quieted on the ride back to the pool, and then started again as we were walking into the pool.  I changed her diaper and took off her one-piece outfit and then tried to nurse her, but she wouldn’t nurse,  For most of an hour she sat contentedly on my lap, in the shade, watching her big siblings and the other people in the pool.  Finally I lay her on a beach towel, and she quietly exploded that and the grass in reach.  I thought about taking her into the water a bit, but there’s no shade over any part of the water, she’s too young to use sunscreen yet, and the sun was too too much for me to risk her getting sunburn.  This was only her first time at the pool; God willing, we’ll have other times.

By the time we got home and got dinner–and the baby had her first taste of rice cereal; she loved it!–and then snack, it was already past bedtime for the kids, so I shooed them to bed so that I could write this.  As I typed this, my second son came back downstairs with the baby.  Maybe now she’s ready to nurse.

More soon, hopefully!


A Short But Not Bad Weekend

Although the weekend was too short, and I failed at some tasks, I succeeded in others. I failed to find a specific t-shirt that I remember seeing a couple of weeks ago, and I failed to find a specific piece of paper that I have a vague memory of seeing in January, when I was gathering all of the task information.  (I checked the folder where that tax information is; the paper isn’t there. Ug!)  I didn’t have a chance to finish reading Linchpin; maybe I can finish it this week.

Friday night after dinner, I joined the kids outside, taking a walk and then kicking the soccer ball around with them. The preschooler wanted to play, too, so I made sure to give him turns, too, so that his older siblings didn’t monopolize the ball.  He actually has a decent kick for a little guy, and he can outrun me.  (I am slowly getting back into an exercise routine, 12 weeks after having the baby.  I’m definitely out of shape, but hope that by the end of the summer, that will no longer be true.  Swimming every chance that I can get should help, I hope!)

Saturday, in addition to chores and childcare, I spent some time sewing.  Several of my skirts had slits that were too long/high for my taste, so I finally took time to sew them closed.  I also started piecing together the patchwork skirt that I want to make from scraps from t-shirts that I cut/disassembled for my t-shirt quilt projects (that I still haven’t started yet).  My sewing machine definitely got a work-out, because I also used it to attach some badges and patches on my older daughter’s Brownie vest.  At her most recent meeting, she got 4 more, so I needed to get those on her vest in addition to a few that I hadn’t put on before now.  I couldn’t find my basic black thread, which I use for the bobbin thread that only shows on the inside of the vest and doesn’t need to match the badge background color, so I need to wait to finish that project.  I bought some thread today, but was too busy with other tasks to get back to that project, which I need to finish by Thursday for her Bridging Ceremony.

Today (Sunday) after church I attended a meeting to start planning/organizing this year’s Vacation Bible School (VBS).  With the baby, I can’t take as active of a role as I would like, but I told the director that I will help in whatever way that I can.  After the meeting I went home for a quick lunch, then was out the door again for another church-related monthly meeting, and then a quick shopping trip (with both daughters in tow) for the thread and a few other necessary items.  Back home, my husband and I took a walk with the baby while the other kids played with neighbors, and then he and I went to another neighbor to bring dinner to him and his wife in honor of his birthday today.  The baby was a bit fussy after that, and because of dealing with her, I didn’t even eat dinner until after 21h00, and was interrupted long enough while eating that the food went cold and I needed to heat it a bit in the microwave before I could finally finish it around 21h45.

Now it’s later than I’d planned to stay up, so I’m going to get some sleep because it’s going to be another busy (but hopefully not long or bad) week.

A Typical Stay-at-Home Type of Day

Yesterday was a typical day for me in stay-at-home mom mode.  Kids interrupted almost every task that I started, so I did not get much done besides getting food for myself and for kids at meals, refills of milk or juice for the kids and water for me throughout the day, and general child care for the baby, the preschooler, and the kindergartner.

This afternoon the preschooler got into his head that it would be fun to run around the house with only his diaper.  I’d get him back into clothes for only a few minutes before he took them off again.  Ug!  Not until I got him into pajamas after dinner did he actually keep clothes on.  I hope this phase is short-lived!

One thing I did accomplish today was cleaning up the area around the computer at the desk in my older daughter’s room so that I could actually sit at and use that computer with the word processing program that I need to use to type my stories that I hand wrote in several spiral notebooks.  I realized that I could sit there and type and still be close enough to hear the baby when she cries in the next room.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to any typing yesterday.  I managed to clean up the area and start the computer without interruption; however, as soon as I started the word processing program, one of the kids interrupted me, and I never got back to the computer at all the rest of the day.  The preschooler and toddler took advantage of that and spent half of the day playing with the LEGO Creator program.  I prefer that they play that instead of watching TV or videos, so I let them go.

This morning, I actually was able to type the text from one hand-written page before the baby woke up and needed a bath because she messed through her onesie and her romper.

In mid-morning I was waiting for a text, but I didn’t see it until half an hour after I received it, because I was changing the baby, then changing the preschooler, then getting him second breakfast, then cleaning up a mess in the kitchen, and then getting some more food for myself. It’s amazing how much time some of those ‘simple’ tasks can take when you’re doing those tasks for multiple people.

Speaking of tasks, I need to go take care of another one right now.


Winter Storm Stella finally arrived.  Thankfully, my area did NOT get the 12″-18″ predicted.  I think we barely got 5″, which is fine with me, since I’m totally ready for Spring, even though this winter has been quite mild, thankfully.  As I type, sleet is still falling, but I think that all of the snow has moved to the east.  I’m very glad that I didn’t need to dig out and try to get to work (which apparently is operating as business as usual, because it’s not on the list of closed businesses).  Even the ob/gyn office where I’m a patient is closed (most likely because the doctors’ children’s schools are closed).  The kids, of course, are disappointed again, because they wanted way more snow to build a HUGE snow fort.

Last night at dinner–tacos for the preschooler’s birthday–my husband was joking that the boys should go outside in the snow today and do their best impression of the famous scene from A Streetcar Named Desire in which Marlon Brando screams, “Stelllaaa!”  My older daughter said, “I’ll do it!”  My husband then tried to explain to the kids the significance of the scene, but it went right over their heads.

We had another chocolate Oreo cake for the preschooler’s birthday.  My husband was not as happy with this one as with the one from last week.  The chocolate icing didn’t spread as nicely, so it wasn’t as “picture-perfect” as the previous cake, but it was still delicious!  The birthday boy ate most of his piece, happily shoveling in big pieces of chocolate.

The little kids are bugging to go outside, and the big boys are helping their dad clear the snow while I help my older daughter with schoolwork, and now the baby woke up, so I guess writing time is over for me for now.



Homemade Pizza and Birthday Cake

Yesterday, I had fully intended to write and publish a post, but never had the opportunity to do so.  To be honest, I guess I could have written the post instead of editing my LinkedIn profile, or more specifically, removing myself from several groups in which I no longer have interest, and reading a few articles that did interest me.  The rest of the day, I was caring for the baby, pumping, helping the other kids, and trying to take care of myself.

I did try to start this post late last night, but I had just opened the blank post page when the baby woke up.  She didn’t get back to sleep until nearly 01h00, at which time I just wanted to lie down.  She slept until about 03h30 something, when she needed a diaper change, and then food and burping. She finally fell asleep again around 05h00 and slept until around 07h00, and she’s sleeping now as I type.

More about the baby in another post.  Before the baby wakes up again, I want to finish this post by writing about what I had originally planned to write yesterday.

My kindergartner is now 6 (as of Monday).  He requested homemade pizza for his birthday dinner, and homemade cake resembling an Oreo cookie for dessert, so that’s what my husband made for him.  (My husband likes to cook and bake and is good at both, so he makes most of our family’s meals.)  Most of the day, my son kept asking when he would get his cake and presents, and I said, “After dinner,” so of course he wanted dinner at around 16h00, and was a bit annoyed when we didn’t actually have dinner until almost 19h00, and then didn’t have his cake until nearly 20h30 (because I needed to feed the baby in between).

Our homemade pizza is:  homemade pizza sauce (canned last summer); homemade dough made earlier that day; freshly grated cheese (my labor contribution to the meal); freshly cut pepperoni; and freshly cooked bacon and sausage.


My husband made the “Oreo” cake that morning.  The cake consists of:  2 layers of dark chocolate cake, a middle layer of homemade whipped cream with crushed Oreo cookies mixed into it, and an outer layer of creamy chocolate icing.  The whole cake is decadent.  (The most processed ingredient in the cake is the Oreo cookies in the middle layer.)


(Yes, my photography skills need some improvement!  Usually my sister, who is definitely a better photographer than I, takes the photos at our family birthday parties, but she was at work, so I took these 2 photos using my phone instead of my digital camera.)

Because the birthday boy was so eager for his cake, we didn’t put any decorations on it, but we did put a “6” candle and then 6 other candles on it and lit them for him to blow out.  Also, we didn’t bother to wrap his presents, because he doesn’t care about the surprise of unwrapping them; he was just eager to have them.  I was glad that he didn’t mind that his presents were not wrapped, because wrapping is a tedious task for me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera ready when he got his presents, so I didn’t get any photos, but I don’t think that he minds about that, either.




A Low-key Valentine’s Day

Although I wanted to work on some sewing projects, or start typing some more of my hand-written fiction, I didn’t do anything today other than chores and childcare and  helping kids with schoolwork.

Because of anticipating the baby, I didn’t plan anything for Valentine’s Day.  Last night, I had thought about making heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes for the kids for breakfast today, but we didn’t have any more chocolate chips, and my husband neglected to get more this morning, even though I’d put them on the shopping list, so I couldn’t make the pancakes (because at our house they’re a treat and we always have chocolate chips in them; I doubt that the kids would eat pancakes without them).  My husband did sort of make up for not getting the chocolate chips by getting donuts, which is also a treat for the kids.

My mom surprised us with homemade brownies and some stickers for the kids.  The kindergartner kept asking for the brownies from the moment that my mom left; I made him wait until after dinner to have them, partly because I wanted him to practice being patient, and partly because I didn’t want him to have too much sugar at once, especially after his donut.  Honestly, the kids do not really consume a lot of sugar or processed food, and they’re good eaters overall, but they do enjoy donuts and brownies and other treats as much as any other kids.

For dinner we had chicken wings in various sauce flavors– garlic parmesan, Asian BBQ, and buffalo–and French fries cut from whole potatoes only minutes before cooking.  We all love “wing night.”  Tonight, even the preschooler ate a couple of wings and a handful of fries (dipped in some ketchup).  We prepare and cook the wings ourselves, and we like them better than wings from any area restaurant.  We don’t use frozen wings; we buy them fresh and eat them the same day (or at latest the next day). We soak them in brine for hours, partly cook them in the oven, and then crisp them in the fryer.  They are delicious!

Overall, it was a low-key day, and the kids did not seem to miss getting special things for Valentine’s Day.  My daughter did ask at one point today about candy; I told her that the donuts and brownies were enough sugar, and that we’ll get candy another time.  Thankfully she was fine with that.



My Day Today

Along with laundry, I spent most of the day doing activities other than chores, which was nice.  I spent time with each kid during each activity, which is something that I haven’t had the chance to do for a while, and may not get much chance to do again for a while after the baby’s born.

I made cookies with my daughter and my kindergartner, did some art with my middle schooler, read a few more books to the preschooler than the ones that I usually read at bedtime, and helped the oldest with a social studies project.  Along with those activities, I managed to get a 1.5 hour nap, so I did something to care for myself as well.

Since I need to continue to care for myself, I’m going to post this now and then get ready for bed.  Last night my husband was very congested, so he barely slept, and I spent most of the night concerned for him as well as wondering if the contractions that I felt would intensify–they didn’t–so even with the nap earlier today, I need sleep now.