Another Unseasonably Warm Day

Weather-wise, today was almost a mirror of yesterday–sunny and unseasonably warm–and I took advantage of it to walk and watch the kids play after my short afternoon nap.  The kindergartner is now more confident on his bike, and I know that we’ll be taking off the training wheels in the next few months.  (We could have probably taken them off last year, but he didn’t ride very much then to get the balance that he needs to ride on only two wheels.)

When I didn’t want to walk anymore, I started to clean up the piles of toys, empty boxes, and other items that have accumulated in the one garage bay; the piles have been keeping me from parking my van in the garage.  (Thankfully the winter here hasn’t been terrible so I haven’t had the motivation to make room for the van to keep it out of the ice and snow.)  I didn’t exactly feel that I had more energy for that task; instead, I did it more because I hoped that all of the movement would help to trigger labor.  (No such luck, so far, anyway.)

Since funny movies didn’t help to induce labor, I thought that maybe instead, I needed to watch something scary, so after I got the kids to bed, finished loading and setting the dishwasher, I sat down to watch The Walking Dead with my husband, who watches every episode.  Although I love the character development and interaction–and I was almost tearing up at Carol and Darryl’s reunion–I don’t like the fighting and I really hate the idea that there are groups of people (such as the “Saviors”) who terrorize other survivor groups who just want to be left alone and live their lives as best they can.

Although my husband is a fan of the drama series, he doesn’t really like to watch The Talking Dead because he’s more interested in the characters than in the actors and people who produce the series, but I talked him into watching it.  Now I like Jerry (Cooper Andrews)!

Now it’s really late, so I’ll post this and get some sleep.


Considering Comedies

Tonight my sister called to find out how I’m doing. No baby yet. I told her about trying to watch comedies to laugh hard enough to induce labor. I told her that earlier today I started to watch Revenge of the Pink Panther (that I don’t recall seeing, although I’ve seen the other Pink Panther movies multiple times) but didn’t get very far because the kids, again, were interrupting. (They’re not used to having me home more than 2 days consecutively.) She suggested that I watch some funny clips from Fraser, including the one of Niles ironing. She said it’s one of her favorite scenes from the whole series.  She also asked if I’d watched Clue again yet; I said no, but it was on my list to watch, even though I don’t really laugh uproariously at it..

After we hung up, I searched YouTube and found the clip that she mentioned.  I watched it, but didn’t laugh as hard as I expected to do.  I don’t recall seeing that clip before–I watched the series sporadically, and I don’t go out of my way to watch entire episodes of it–but I predicted what was going to happen as the scene progressed, so  it wasn’t really a surprise, and maybe that’s part of why it wasn’t too funny for me.

Not much really seems to be triggering me to laugh, unfortunately.  In general I prefer dramas to comedies, but if I watch comedies, I prefer comedy movies to comedy TV series, so that may be part of it.  Maybe I just don’t have a well-developed sense of humor.

If baby hasn’t come in the meantime, then tomorrow I will try to finish watching the Pink Panther movie, and then watch another comedy or 2.