Pre-holiday weekend busyness

This weekend I really wanted to finish a skirt using a pretty, summery fabric, but alas, it didn’t happen, for a variety of reasons.  On Saturday, when I was able to focus on that project when the children were occupied with other activities, I started working with one pattern, then realized that I didn’t have the back piece, so I started working on another pattern, and realized that I didn’t have interfacing for the waistband.  By then it was too late to get it, so I thought that maybe I can work with the first pattern if I can either find the missing pattern piece, or find a visual of it online.

After some searching, I had not found the piece, but I did find a series of very helpful videos from Mimi G showing making a skirt with that pattern from start to finish.  Awesome!  I spent the rest of my free time on Saturday watching those videos.

Today after church, the kids and I spent some time cleaning up the family room, and my oldest spent time to organize and clean up the boys’ room.  Then I took 3 of the kids to the pool, where my sister was waiting for them, and the Kindergartner and the baby and I went shopping for the interfacing and a few other things, including lining material, because I decided after watching Mimi’s videos that I should add some to my skirt.

The baby started to fuss as we were checking out, but she quieted on the ride back to the pool, and then started again as we were walking into the pool.  I changed her diaper and took off her one-piece outfit and then tried to nurse her, but she wouldn’t nurse,  For most of an hour she sat contentedly on my lap, in the shade, watching her big siblings and the other people in the pool.  Finally I lay her on a beach towel, and she quietly exploded that and the grass in reach.  I thought about taking her into the water a bit, but there’s no shade over any part of the water, she’s too young to use sunscreen yet, and the sun was too too much for me to risk her getting sunburn.  This was only her first time at the pool; God willing, we’ll have other times.

By the time we got home and got dinner–and the baby had her first taste of rice cereal; she loved it!–and then snack, it was already past bedtime for the kids, so I shooed them to bed so that I could write this.  As I typed this, my second son came back downstairs with the baby.  Maybe now she’s ready to nurse.

More soon, hopefully!


Pancakes and Popcorn and Projects in Between

After my kindergartner’s behavior of the past couple of days, I thought that maybe he was misbehaving because he wanted more good attention than he has been getting lately, so I decided to do a special activity just with him.  When he got up earlier than usual this morning, I asked if he wanted to help me make pancakes for breakfast, and he enthusiastically said yes. He helped gather the ingredients, mix, and put the batter onto the griddle.  He wanted to flip the pancakes, too, but I didn’t want him to burn himself, so I convinced him that it was safer if he let me do it instead.  At first he wasn’t happy, but I reminded him that he was going to get the first pancakes, so then he cheered up.

Most of the morning I worked on a couple of sewing projects.  One didn’t turn out too badly.  The other didn’t come together as I’d planned, but was definitely a learning experience.  I plan to try the project again with a different method, and I think it will turn out better the second time.

This afternoon the kids played outside, and I enjoyed some time outside too, in the sun and warm weather, skimming through a few magazines until going back inside to start dinner (macaroni & cheese and sausages), which my husband finished making before taking our daughter to her weekly Girl Scout meeting.

After they came home, she and I made popcorn for snack.  Now I’m going to have some yogurt before getting some sleep.

A Typical Saturday

Saturday is my “work-around-the-house day” and today was no different. I did loads of laundry, put clothes away, and spent time with the kids, but I also did a few things for myself. I watched the rest of the Pink Panther movie that I started to watch yesterday, made a coral-colored  pillow case for a 24″ square pillow whose case seems to have disappeared, updated my LinkedIn profile, started watching It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,  and took a 10-15 minute walk (even though I didn’t enjoy being out in the cold).  After the walk, with the help of one of my sons, I put away some toys that the kids had left outside, so that the toys won’t get buried when we eventually get snow. Usually we get a snow storm during the weekend before Presidents’ Day; only God knows if it will be different this year, just as only God knows the birthday of my still-to-be-born precious baby.

Before I wrote this post, I was reading a few blog posts and comments from other women who have been pregnant past their due dates. The one post actually had me laughing harder than any of the comedies that I’ve watched lately.  I’m doing my best to be patient and to remember that natural labor will happen when God decides, not when I want it to happen.

A Pretty Good Day…

Today I feel that I actually accomplished a few things, including having some “me” time (before typing this blog post).

One of my sisters came and helped me to un-decorate, take down, and put away the Christmas tree, ornaments, and other decorations, and to find more newborn clothes in a bin that had been buried under a pile of larger children’s clothes.

Then, since I really wanted to do something creative and have some personal time (as everyone else in the family was having), I dug out a pattern to make a baby romper or bunting, and rummaged through my bins of fabric until I found fabric that I wanted to use.  I cut out the tissue pattern pieces for the romper, and after the kids were in bed, I started to cut the fabric.  I cut only the sleeve pieces, though, because now I’m pretty tired, and I need sleep.  Hopefully I’ll have time throughout this week to cut the other pieces of fabric, and to start assembling/sewing the romper (basically a sleeper).  I purposely chose a larger size than newborn because I found a good bit of newborn clothes, and I wanted something new for about the 6 month size range.

As I was cutting out the tissue pieces, my daughter asked if she could practice hand-sewing, so I found some scrap fabric for her, got some contrasting thread and a needle, and let her work.  She did a decent job for having only done that once before (that I can recall), and she thanked me by cleaning the sinks in both bathrooms.  I was super happy that she volunteered to do that!  (One was pretty dirty from sawdust or something that my husband brought in from whatever he was working on in the garage this afternoon.)

More soon!  Time to sleep now!