The 2nd Coolest Thing I’ve Seen So Far This Year

This afternoon, my husband IM’d to me the link from Hack a Day about a machine built of LEGOs and a motor (from a tape deck, I believe) that sets up rows of dominoes. I followed the link to the source, and watched the machine in action. Way cool!
Good thing my kids don’t read yet, because they’d be begging for my husband to build this, or trying to do themselves. Give it a few years, and there will be one of these in our house, I’m sure! In the meantime, I’m bookmarking the link and making a note to get some more dominoes.


Coolest Cupcakes EVER

This morning I read a post on Wil Wheaton’s blog about how one of his readers, another Robin, created 100 cupcakes to celebrate not only New Year’s but also her house’s “100-year birthday”. Each cupcake depicts a different game. Most of them are video/computer games or board games. Robin posted photos of each one on her website ( and made the “100 Games Cupcake Game,” with the identity of each game as a mouse-over of a question mark next to each photo. WAY COOL! How I wish that I were this creative! I can’t imagine how time-consuming that was! I echo Wil’s comment – so far, that is the “coolest thing I’ve seen all year.”

Of course I shared the link with my husband; he replied that he knows almost all of them, as I figured that he would. (I recognized more of the board games, but very few of the video games, as I never played any as a child; I was more interested in reading and writing even then.)

Anyway, just… COOL!