In Search of…

Whenever I can, I hang wet laundry on the outside lines to dry. Doing this provides several benefits: I get some sun, some fresh air, some exercise, and I use less electricity (energy), which saves a bit of money. Plus, the clothes smell nice and fresh after a few hours (or a work day) hanging on the line.

My biggest problem with hanging wash is finding clothespins! I used to have dozens and dozens (many of them passed down to me from family members), but now, because of clothespins lost, broken, or warped from the rain (when children left them out instead of putting them away), I now have less than 50, which is certainly not enough to hang 4 loads of clothes on the line in one day as I do sometimes.

Although I haven’t checked out all of my local stores–I work full-time during the week, and my husband does most of the shopping–I haven’t had any luck, in the places that I have looked, finding clothespins that aren’t flimsy-looking pieces of plastic or wood with cheap-looking springs. I want, and need, heavy-duty ones, preferably of non-rusting metal or of decent wood, and even more preferably, American made.  My best-performing clothespins don’t even have springs; they are simply wood.

What does a modern mother do to find information about an item that she wants to purchase? Go searching on the Internet, of course! In the first page of search results, I found several promising options; yay! I will investigate further before I order, but I may just try a few different kinds to find out which kind I like best, and then order a few dozen more of that kind.

Off to the laundry again!


Of Line-dried Laundry & Yummy Muffins

Another day waiting for baby. I’m doing my best to be patient and remember that the baby will come in God’s time, not mine.

I did a couple of loads of laundry, including a load of sheets & blankets that I hung on the line outside because it was warm enough for me to be outside and not freeze; love that!  I also love the fresh-air smell of the clean sheets dried by wind and the sun.  No electricity required (for drying).  If only I could hang every load of wash outside!

My daughter & I made a yummy double batch of oatmeal muffins, and she enjoyed practicing reading the recipe and working with fractions just as much as the actual preparation (gathering ingredients, mixing everything, filling the muffin tins).  She really likes to bake; she wants to be on Kids Baking Championship on Food Network.  She loves to watch that and other Food Network series.  I’m not sure about encouraging her to participate on a TV series, but I have no problem letting her practice baking.

There’s a lot on my mind, but if I start on any one subject, I’ll spend more time here than I should–I need sleep–so I’ll defer those topics to other posts.  Right now I’m going to get a muffin and then get ready for bed.