A Typical Stay-at-Home Type of Day

Yesterday was a typical day for me in stay-at-home mom mode.  Kids interrupted almost every task that I started, so I did not get much done besides getting food for myself and for kids at meals, refills of milk or juice for the kids and water for me throughout the day, and general child care for the baby, the preschooler, and the kindergartner.

This afternoon the preschooler got into his head that it would be fun to run around the house with only his diaper.  I’d get him back into clothes for only a few minutes before he took them off again.  Ug!  Not until I got him into pajamas after dinner did he actually keep clothes on.  I hope this phase is short-lived!

One thing I did accomplish today was cleaning up the area around the computer at the desk in my older daughter’s room so that I could actually sit at and use that computer with the word processing program that I need to use to type my stories that I hand wrote in several spiral notebooks.  I realized that I could sit there and type and still be close enough to hear the baby when she cries in the next room.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to any typing yesterday.  I managed to clean up the area and start the computer without interruption; however, as soon as I started the word processing program, one of the kids interrupted me, and I never got back to the computer at all the rest of the day.  The preschooler and toddler took advantage of that and spent half of the day playing with the LEGO Creator program.  I prefer that they play that instead of watching TV or videos, so I let them go.

This morning, I actually was able to type the text from one hand-written page before the baby woke up and needed a bath because she messed through her onesie and her romper.

In mid-morning I was waiting for a text, but I didn’t see it until half an hour after I received it, because I was changing the baby, then changing the preschooler, then getting him second breakfast, then cleaning up a mess in the kitchen, and then getting some more food for myself. It’s amazing how much time some of those ‘simple’ tasks can take when you’re doing those tasks for multiple people.

Speaking of tasks, I need to go take care of another one right now.


Pumping Ahead

My schedule of pumping during the day (and having someone else feed the baby from a bottle) and only breastfeeding her in the evenings and overnight is working rather well. For the past week I have been able to pump at least 4 oz extra of milk, so I have been freezing that extra milk to build up a supply for when I go back to work, so that I’m not just pumping for her next day’s food.  During the day, I pump every two hours, sometimes every hour if necessary.  A couple of days, I have just kept up with her appetite, and yesterday, I didn’t think that I would get enough extra to freeze, but I did in the late evening.  I haven’t actually calculated how many ounces she consumes in a 24-hour period, but I think that if I can keep freezing at least 4 oz a day of breast milk, then I’ll have at least 200 oz in reserve before I need to go back to work; hopefully that will last her a few days. 🙂

When I need to pump more frequently, I feel as if I barely get time to do other necessary tasks (getting and eating food, getting more water, using the bathroom, helping the other kids) in between pumping sessions.  I want to be able to get back to some of my sewing projects, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time throughout the day, and start to pack the piles of out-of-season and outgrown clothes that have accumulated in the living room.  At least I still feel a bit productive when I pump; I read (email, blog posts, articles from websites that I like) and keep up my water intake.  Yesterday I drank over 2 liters during daylight hours.  I stopped using a 16.9 fluid oz plastic water bottle; right now I’m using a 1.5 liter bottle, until I dig out my reusable water bottle that’s buried in one of the kitchen cabinets.

Speaking of pumping, I need to pump again now!