Spared the Worst of Winter Storm Niko

Eight days past my due date. Still pregnant. :sigh:

Along with household chores and helping kids with schoolwork–they still had school–I helped my kindergartner in and out of his snow suit twice before and after he tried to build a fort in the barely 1″ of snow that our area received from Winter Storm Niko.  When the older kids went out after their classes were done for the day, they spent more time tromping through the snow and making as many tracks as possible, just because the snow was there, it seemed.

Although they had fun in the snow, the kids were disappointed that we didn’t get more, but I was relieved. We could have had much more.  Most of the snow fell to the east of us and in New York and New England. The kids have been waiting for snow; I told them a week ago that we’ll get snow in the next 2 weeks. We usually get a storm with substantial accumulation (6″+) around Presidents’ Day weekend; I would be surprised if the trend doesn’t continue this year.

When not doing chores or helping the kids, I was reading Remote by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. I’m 3/4 of the way through; I plan to finish the book tonight after I post this.  At some point I plan to post my personal takeaways from the book.  I’m really hoping that I can use some of the tips in the book to arrange a more flexible work schedule after my leave.