Homemade Pizza and Birthday Cake

Yesterday, I had fully intended to write and publish a post, but never had the opportunity to do so.  To be honest, I guess I could have written the post instead of editing my LinkedIn profile, or more specifically, removing myself from several groups in which I no longer have interest, and reading a few articles that did interest me.  The rest of the day, I was caring for the baby, pumping, helping the other kids, and trying to take care of myself.

I did try to start this post late last night, but I had just opened the blank post page when the baby woke up.  She didn’t get back to sleep until nearly 01h00, at which time I just wanted to lie down.  She slept until about 03h30 something, when she needed a diaper change, and then food and burping. She finally fell asleep again around 05h00 and slept until around 07h00, and she’s sleeping now as I type.

More about the baby in another post.  Before the baby wakes up again, I want to finish this post by writing about what I had originally planned to write yesterday.

My kindergartner is now 6 (as of Monday).  He requested homemade pizza for his birthday dinner, and homemade cake resembling an Oreo cookie for dessert, so that’s what my husband made for him.  (My husband likes to cook and bake and is good at both, so he makes most of our family’s meals.)  Most of the day, my son kept asking when he would get his cake and presents, and I said, “After dinner,” so of course he wanted dinner at around 16h00, and was a bit annoyed when we didn’t actually have dinner until almost 19h00, and then didn’t have his cake until nearly 20h30 (because I needed to feed the baby in between).

Our homemade pizza is:  homemade pizza sauce (canned last summer); homemade dough made earlier that day; freshly grated cheese (my labor contribution to the meal); freshly cut pepperoni; and freshly cooked bacon and sausage.


My husband made the “Oreo” cake that morning.  The cake consists of:  2 layers of dark chocolate cake, a middle layer of homemade whipped cream with crushed Oreo cookies mixed into it, and an outer layer of creamy chocolate icing.  The whole cake is decadent.  (The most processed ingredient in the cake is the Oreo cookies in the middle layer.)


(Yes, my photography skills need some improvement!  Usually my sister, who is definitely a better photographer than I, takes the photos at our family birthday parties, but she was at work, so I took these 2 photos using my phone instead of my digital camera.)

Because the birthday boy was so eager for his cake, we didn’t put any decorations on it, but we did put a “6” candle and then 6 other candles on it and lit them for him to blow out.  Also, we didn’t bother to wrap his presents, because he doesn’t care about the surprise of unwrapping them; he was just eager to have them.  I was glad that he didn’t mind that his presents were not wrapped, because wrapping is a tedious task for me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera ready when he got his presents, so I didn’t get any photos, but I don’t think that he minds about that, either.





Nature’s Secret

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What a neat quote from an author I really like and should read more.

Apparently God knows that I need to learn this lesson some more, that it is not yet one of my virtues, or most certainly not a strong one.

I’ve prayed that God will let me know what day the baby will be born, but so far I haven’t realized a clear answer, other than I know now that the baby’s birthday will not be on the 15th, and it’s getting late for a birthday on the 16th also.  Perhaps God wants the baby to share his or her daddy’s birthday.  We’ll find out in the next day or so.

Since baby didn’t come today, I did 3 loads of laundry  and cleaned up one section of the family room so that the kids could start using it again after the youngest 2 made such a mess there that the bigger kids didn’t want to go into the room.  The kindergartner did help me for a bit, and so did my daughter.  If baby hasn’t come by breakfast tomorrow, I’ll start working on another section of the room after breakfast.

This afternoon I tried to take a nap (as I have the other days this week), but today the kids were just too loud for me to get to sleep–one kept bugging for a snack–so after an hour I gave up and started some other chores.

I did take a few minutes to indulge in some “me” time by rereading a few scenes of one of my stories that I still need to transcribe from my hand-written version in one of my notebooks.  I really want to get my stories together in one place, instead of having them scattered throughout multiple notebooks. It’s rather frustrating not to have my own computer at the moment at which to sit comfortably and type more than about 10 minutes at a time. (I’m typing this on the kitchen computer, which is set up so there’s no place to put my feet comfortably if I want to sit to type; the monitor is too low if I try to stand.)

Since I didn’t get to anything else creative–such as one of my pending sewing projects–I did the next best thing:  bake.  I made a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread with half of the bananas that no one wanted to eat whole because their skins were starting to become brown and everyone thought that they were mushy inside. They were actually just perfectly ripe, not overripe.  Of course I really want to eat some of the bread now, especially since I’m craving chocolate, but it’s still too warm yet, so I’ll need to wait for breakfast to have it.

One last thought for today:  I’m getting tired of people asking me if I’ve had the baby yet, as if they think that I’ve forgotten to share the news with them. I know that they mean well, but their repeated queries only make me more anxious and feel more impatient.  I’ve assured them that when there’s news, they’ll know. Trust me, no one is more eager for the baby to come than I am.

With that, I’m going to bed with the reminder that patience is a virtue!

Another Day of Spring-like Weather

First off, let me make it clear:  I am NOT complaining about the unseasonably warm weather the past 2 days.  When it’s nice enough to hang laundry outside in February in central PA, I’m a happy camper!  Today I got sheets, blankets, and a comforter on the line, and the sun and steady breeze dried them before dark. Yay!

Because it was so nice, all of the kids, even the preschooler, wanted to play outside this afternoon.  The youngest was so cute, proudly getting his shoes and jacket.  (Even if the air temperature was close to 60 °F, it’s still winter, so I made the kids wear jackets, reminding them that I do NOT want them to become ill and risk bringing germs to the baby, whenever baby decides to come.)

Even I enjoyed the unusually warm weather. I mustered up enough energy to walk down the block with the preschooler and let him play on a neighborhood play set for a while. He loves the swings and spent most of his time on one. I was very glad that he didn’t complain when I said it was time to go home again. (If I hadn’t felt such the urge to empty my bladder, we might have stayed longer.)

At some point this afternoon while I was helping one of the boys, my daughter made 5-dozen chewy chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. I didn’t help her with it, so I don’t know what exactly went wrong, but when I bit into one, all I tasted was cocoa powder. She either didn’t add enough sugar, or added too much salt or cocoa powder.  She was very disappointed about how her cookies turned out; I reminded her that everyone makes mistakes, and that’s how we learn and grow. We are not perfect. I told her that we’ll try to salvage the cookies by crumbing them and mixing them with more sugar & butter and making them into crust, and she can always try another batch of cookies.  She’ll need to wait a few days before making more, though, because we’re out of both peanut butter and chocolate chips.  She used all of the peanut butter chips, and I used all of the chocolate chips for muffins the other day.  If we get the snow (5-8″)  predicted for tomorrow, we won’t be going shopping for a few days.  Who knows; maybe the baby will come in the next 24 hours.

Of Line-dried Laundry & Yummy Muffins

Another day waiting for baby. I’m doing my best to be patient and remember that the baby will come in God’s time, not mine.

I did a couple of loads of laundry, including a load of sheets & blankets that I hung on the line outside because it was warm enough for me to be outside and not freeze; love that!  I also love the fresh-air smell of the clean sheets dried by wind and the sun.  No electricity required (for drying).  If only I could hang every load of wash outside!

My daughter & I made a yummy double batch of oatmeal muffins, and she enjoyed practicing reading the recipe and working with fractions just as much as the actual preparation (gathering ingredients, mixing everything, filling the muffin tins).  She really likes to bake; she wants to be on Kids Baking Championship on Food Network.  She loves to watch that and other Food Network series.  I’m not sure about encouraging her to participate on a TV series, but I have no problem letting her practice baking.

There’s a lot on my mind, but if I start on any one subject, I’ll spend more time here than I should–I need sleep–so I’ll defer those topics to other posts.  Right now I’m going to get a muffin and then get ready for bed.