Never Forget

Although I can’t bring myself to express all of my thoughts and feeling on this day of remembrance, I will berate myself if I don’t make at least a short post today, so here it is.

All day I’ve been trying to write out or type the many lines that have gone through my head, as I’ve gone about the day with my toddler, preschooler & Kindergartner, who of course are too young to understand the significance of this day, defined by events that occurred before they were born, much the same way that I didn’t understand the significance of, for example, Nov. 22, 1963, until I was in middle school, maybe 4th or 5th grade.

So many others have expressed their thoughts so much more eloquently, but I add my small voice to those who cry, “Never forget!” what this day, 9-11, is about, and why we should never forget.¬† Let us never forget the feelings that we experienced on the day that changed America 8 years ago: the horror, the initial¬†helplessness¬†transmuting to the desire to help our neighbors, and above all the renewed patriotism. Those of us old enough to remember this day will never forget where we were when we heard the news, and we must remember the stories of rescue, of heroism, of sacrifice, many of which (save for the story of Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald), I had not read before, until today. This afternoon while I waited for my preschooler to fall asleep for his nap, and tonight while trying to get the toddler to eat dinner, and then to go to sleep for the night, I spent time reading stories of individuals who were at the WTC that fateful day 8 years ago. Some made it out, some didn’t. All are heroes. I will never forget, and when my children are old enough, I will make sure that they understand why, and help them to keep the memories alive.

Sept 11 Remembered

I’ve had this merged photo since at least the 5th anniversary; I tweaked it a bit for today. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the source(s) of the photos, but I post this only in tribute to the heroes and victims of 9-11, not with any intention to infringe on any copyright.