Thoughts about money/income and skills

After a busy week of rushing to finish drafts of 3 installation manuals for a project, and finally resolving (I hope!) an issue with health insurance, I’m ready for a weekend! Since Father’s Day is tomorrow, and I didn’t really get much “me” time on Mother’s Day, I decided that I’m taking time for myself today, while my husband and second son are fishing.

Right now, I should probably be sleeping in, since I’ve had about 5 or at the most 6 hours of sleep every night this week, because the baby has taken hours to get to sleep (sometimes not until midnight, when I want to be in bed by 22h00 to get my preferred amount of sleep) and the four year old has been waking up around 06h00 because of the sunlight entering the room because we pulled back the curtains so that they would not cover the window AC unit. Instead, I’m writing. 🙂

I was up for an hour before starting this post, getting something to eat and spending time with the four year old. Because my husband and the kids spent hours this week doing many loads of laundry that had piled up, I don’t feel obligated to spend most of my waking hours on a Saturday cycling through multiple loads of laundry. Not having that chore today definitely helps me feel less stressed. Or is it anxious? (We often interchange the words, yet they’re not the same.)

One thing I’ve done for myself this past week is read Laura Vanderkam‘s book All the Money in the World during my pumping sessions at work. (Note: I do not receive any monetary compensation from sharing these links, nor did anyone ask me to share them.) It’s an interesting read, and I hope–no, plan–to implement some of her ideas (mostly about focusing on increasing income instead of cutting small expenses, which I already do as habit.)  About once a month I do go out to eat with friends from work (spending <$5 on a special) and get Chinese takeout for my family (for an average of $25 per order), but beyond that, I do not spend money on any of those expenditures that many people cut from their lives if they are trying to save money. I’ve never been in the habit of frequenting a salon, or buying coffee, etc.

Last night, after I got the baby to sleep while the other kids were still playing before bed, I had the chance to converse a bit with my husband (until the baby woke up just before it was time to get the other kids to bed). I told him that I can’t decide where to focus my small amount of personal time: on writing fiction or on sewing.  I do want to write my stories and publish them, yet I also want to do more sewing. He commented that I write better than I sew, which is true because I’ve had much more practice writing than sewing. I want to develop my sewing skills because I want to have a more practical skill that I also enjoy–which I can’t say about cooking!–and I feel that in really tough times, people will not pay for fiction if they are more in need of new or repaired clothes, in which case sewing will be more valuable than writing. I like being creative with fabric; I even dream about adding pockets to pants for the boys.  Still, I prefer writing (whether it’s fiction or not) to sewing. Writing makes me more happy. So does reading. Besides spending time with my family without the pressure of household chores and other responsibilities, my favorite activities are reading and writing.  Although I am a professional (technical) writer, I would prefer to be a professional writer of fiction and of non-fiction that I decide to write.



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