Working Out LOUD (WOL) Week!

Today (5 June) is the start of International Working Out Loud Week.  Curious?  Check it out and get involved.  It’s fun and rewarding to work out loud (WOL).

On Day 1, answer these questions about the purpose of your work:

  1. Why do I chose to do the work I do where I do it?
  2. When I and my organization are at our best what are we doing?
  3. What outcomes are we looking to achieve for others with our work? How will my work make things better for others?
  4. If we didn’t do this work, what would be missing?
  5. What about this work gives me energy?

I have 2 sets of answers to these questions, one based on my corporate job, and the other based on my hobby of creative writing.  I work my corporate job because I haven’t yet been able to focus enough on other projects that would generate income.  If I didn’t need to earn an income, I would definitely fill the hours of the day with more time spent with my children, more reading, more writing, more gardening, more sewing.  For me, there aren’t enough hours in the day, and I can never say that I’m bored.

I’m at my best when I’m being creative, when I can ignore responsibilities, at least for some time, and when I don’t need to follow someone else’s time table.

Unfortunately, I can’t even finish this post as I would like because the baby is awake, and it’s past my bedtime.  Hopefully I can finish more tomorrow.

Here’s to working out loud!

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