A Short But Not Bad Weekend

Although the weekend was too short, and I failed at some tasks, I succeeded in others. I failed to find a specific t-shirt that I remember seeing a couple of weeks ago, and I failed to find a specific piece of paper that I have a vague memory of seeing in January, when I was gathering all of the task information.  (I checked the folder where that tax information is; the paper isn’t there. Ug!)  I didn’t have a chance to finish reading Linchpin; maybe I can finish it this week.

Friday night after dinner, I joined the kids outside, taking a walk and then kicking the soccer ball around with them. The preschooler wanted to play, too, so I made sure to give him turns, too, so that his older siblings didn’t monopolize the ball.  He actually has a decent kick for a little guy, and he can outrun me.  (I am slowly getting back into an exercise routine, 12 weeks after having the baby.  I’m definitely out of shape, but hope that by the end of the summer, that will no longer be true.  Swimming every chance that I can get should help, I hope!)

Saturday, in addition to chores and childcare, I spent some time sewing.  Several of my skirts had slits that were too long/high for my taste, so I finally took time to sew them closed.  I also started piecing together the patchwork skirt that I want to make from scraps from t-shirts that I cut/disassembled for my t-shirt quilt projects (that I still haven’t started yet).  My sewing machine definitely got a work-out, because I also used it to attach some badges and patches on my older daughter’s Brownie vest.  At her most recent meeting, she got 4 more, so I needed to get those on her vest in addition to a few that I hadn’t put on before now.  I couldn’t find my basic black thread, which I use for the bobbin thread that only shows on the inside of the vest and doesn’t need to match the badge background color, so I need to wait to finish that project.  I bought some thread today, but was too busy with other tasks to get back to that project, which I need to finish by Thursday for her Bridging Ceremony.

Today (Sunday) after church I attended a meeting to start planning/organizing this year’s Vacation Bible School (VBS).  With the baby, I can’t take as active of a role as I would like, but I told the director that I will help in whatever way that I can.  After the meeting I went home for a quick lunch, then was out the door again for another church-related monthly meeting, and then a quick shopping trip (with both daughters in tow) for the thread and a few other necessary items.  Back home, my husband and I took a walk with the baby while the other kids played with neighbors, and then he and I went to another neighbor to bring dinner to him and his wife in honor of his birthday today.  The baby was a bit fussy after that, and because of dealing with her, I didn’t even eat dinner until after 21h00, and was interrupted long enough while eating that the food went cold and I needed to heat it a bit in the microwave before I could finally finish it around 21h45.

Now it’s later than I’d planned to stay up, so I’m going to get some sleep because it’s going to be another busy (but hopefully not long or bad) week.


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